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3 Replies to “ Hoboken - Operation Ivy - We’re Called Operation Ivy. This Is Our First Show… Ever (DVDr) ”

  1. After Operation Ivy called it quits at the end of the '80s, Lookout put together this compilation of all of the recorded studio material ever released by the group. Much like Minor Threat's Complete Discography, this follows the recorded history of a band that burnt out quickly and had a relentlessly creative view of punk music. The underground classics are all here: "Take Warning," "Unity 9/
  2. Maximum Rock & Roll Radio Show Interview (KPFA Radio )-Includes roght mix of "Here We Go Again". Here We Go Again (The Place ) End Soundbite. All tracks were taken directly from low-generation analog source tapes or masters. No mixing, noise reduction or equalization were done to the tapes.
  3. Sep 14,  · Cover art for Operation Ivy’s debut EP, Hectic, I consider Operation Ivy the start of the 90s for punk. OpIvy only released one album, the masterpiece Energy, a tough, confident punk record with infectious ska inflections. Operation Ivy may have only opened the door a crack, but a new generation of punk rock flooded through it: the.

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